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Graphic_Greats was created by Michelle [girlbadguyswnt] and
Karissa [moldysockssuck] as an alternative to the usual "snotty, boring,
same old-same old" graphic community. Here, we combine the aspects of a
graphic community that provides graphics in response to requests, and the
graphic community who holds weekly//monthly contests. We hope that this
community provides a "fun" atmosphere, and us mods won't be too hard when
it comes to certain rules- even though there are a few that are VERY
important (such as having fun, always being nice, and NO NUDITY lol).
We'd appreciate if you could contribute as much as possible and would also
appreciate spreading the word about our newfound community- Thanks!!
<33 Karissa and Michelle

  • Have Fun!
  • Always BE NICE!.
  • Try to remember to use an LJ-Cut for all graphic posts and requests
  • Only post your own work
  • ALWAYS credit if you take a graphic posted and comment if you do take it
  • Participate as much as possible please!

I think that's about it- HAVE FUN!

Request Form:
Type of Graphic: [Icon, Header, Header w/ Layout, etc.]
Preferred Colors: [Please be Specific]
Font Used: Please show us an example of this font being used
if you don't know the name :)
Writing: What should this graphic say?
Picture: Please post the URL of the picture you want to use.
Animation: If you want it animated, please limit the slides to
4 or under- our program doesn't allow anymore. Please describe what you
want this animation to look like.
General Example: If you want your graphic to look similar to
another one, please send us a link to it
Other Comments: Is there anything else you want in your graphic??

Once we get quite a few more members, we'll start to hold weekly,
[or if we're lazy haha] bi-weekly graphic contests- this section
is where you can find out more about the contests once they start.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE promote our new-found community...
it needs more members haha. We'd REALLY appreciate if you could please
use one of the following banners to promote our community in other various
communities you may belong in, or in your own journals :)

<a href="http://wwww.livejournal.com/community/graphic_greats"
><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v22/hopelessbloodyvalentine6/

<a href="http://wwww.livejournal.com/community/graphic_greats"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v22/hopelessbloodyvalentine6/

Thanks Guys!